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Q: Can we bring along a CD with a favourite songs that we would like to hear played on our wedding night? A: Yes, we would be happy to oblige - it’s your wedding after all!   Q: Do you have a dress code with the band? I’ve seen bands wearing T shirts and jeans or other casual clothing while performing. A: We wear suits and ties at all functions as we feel that a smart appearance is vital for a band performing at a wedding. Q: What is the line up of the band, and which instruments do you use? A: Dave plays alto and tenor sax, keyboards and guitar, along with vocals. Jo plays keyboards, with vocals. Alex plays guitar and bass, with vocals.   Q: Can we come to watch you at a nearby venue? A: We perform only at weddings and private functions (we don’t play in social clubs or pubs which are open to the public) so naturally we would have to obtain the clients permission beforehand. This is usually not a problem.   Q: It is unusual to see a band / disco combined unit. How do you run the evening and do you need more room than other bands for equipment? A: We usually use the disco for the last hour of the evening. We started to use our own disco because we felt that many mobile discos use inferior quality amplification, which results in a sound that everyone finds painful. A further problem was the need to squeeze two sets of equipment into a confined space, which can sometimes lead to the necessity of having to move tables etc. We have solved this by using the same digital power amps and pro quality speakers for the band and disco; this reduces the amount of space required and means the whole evening can be run in a smoother and more professional manner, with flawless transitions between the different entertainment modes.
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